Denne finde hundeskål, med "Woof" print i bunden, er fremstillet i praktisk og holdbart stentøj, som sikrer at skålen ikke vælter og holder vandet køligt i længere tid.

Skålen tåler både microovn og opvaskemaskine.


Mål: Ø 150 mm x H 50 mm. 

Findes med sort og rød print i bunden.

From the largest of Great Danes to the smallest of hamsters, every item within the range has been specifically designed and developed with pets and their eating habits in mind. This is probably why Mason Cash pet bowls are so high on the priority list of pet lovers all over the world! Many of the Mason Cash items have retained their classic design features, but over the years we have incorporated additional colours or patterns to give a number of products a contemporary twist. Up to date processes are also used to ensure items fulfil all requirements of pets and their owners.